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If you're looking for the best places to live in upstate New York, this is the place to be. From charming small towns to thriving cities, unique activities and attractions along the Hudson to fascinating people who make these cities tick, these parts of New York State are a wonderful place to be at home. I love everything that the state of New York has to offer, and I am drawn to Ithaca, the capital of the Empire State, and the other cities in the region.

If you're looking for the best places to live in upstate New York, we have plenty for you. If you know of great interest in the region or even a good deal for a house in Ithaca, it is time to take the step.

Whatever your reasons for moving to Upstate New York, there are plenty of options for everyone if you are in Upstate New York. Whether you're starting a family or looking for the best schools for your children, New Hampshire, Vermont, Pennsylvania or even New Jersey, we all offer the same options, from the cheapest housing to the highest quality of life.

Upstate New York offers a variety of scenery and environments to choose from, whether you're from a subway area or not. Find the safest cities in New Jersey, New Hampshire, Vermont, Pennsylvania or even along the East Coast in our guide to the safest cities in New York.

There are also a number of growing cities in upstate New York, including Poughkeepsie, Beacon, Kingston, Newburgh and Rhinebeck. Rochester is also home to the University at Buffalo, the state's largest university with more than 1.5 million residents. This makes Rochester a great place for those who want to move into the city and still enjoy the urban atmosphere.

Ithaca is home to Cornell's world-famous ornithology laboratory, so it's no wonder that it regularly features on the New York Times "" Best Places to Live. " So it was no surprise when leading alternative magazine Utne Reader put Ihaca on its list of the state's most enlightened cities. There is no real bumper quoted above, but a reality that surrounds dozens of square miles.

If you are from outside the state, "Upstate New York" most likely refers to any part of the region that is not a city. Technically, the Upstate NY region covers the entire state (except for the cities of Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, Albany County and the Finger Lakes region), but just ask any resident of Up State and see what they have to say about the merger with NYC. To learn more about the events in Ithaca, visit our website or get a free copy of our Ihaca Times.

Here are some of the attractions you might want to visit, from the sprawling campus of Ithaca State University to the beautiful Ihaca City Hall. And if you're staying longer, this book by estate agent Laurel Guy is a good guide to all the things you can do in and around Ithaca. Cornell deserves his own job, and he will get it eventually, but for now I'll leave it at that.

Ithaca has a strong educational foundation and the establishment of such a centre in Ihaca makes it a great place to stop for lunch or dinner on arrival. Located at 113 S. Cayuga Street, it is one of the best restaurants in the city with a good selection of food and drinks.

On the other side of the city, the liberal arts institution Ithaca College, which was created as a music conservatory, is the reason why the city has such a creative bent.

Ithaca College ranks second out of 331 nationally in ethnic diversity, with student body composition close to the national average. It has the highest percentage of black students and the second highest number of white students in the country. Ithacaca is home to a wealth of areas that offer a high degree of diversity, coupled with the high standard of education that goes with it.

A lively musical, artistic and cultural scene makes Ithaca an exciting place to visit and visit. If you plan on moving to Rochester, NY, enjoy the area's large employers, including the Rochester Public Library, Wegman's, University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester Community College and Rochester General Hospital, as well as a number of other local businesses, including the New York State Museum and local grocery store Wal-Mart. Champaign - Urbana is the place for you if you want the best of both worlds: high quality of life, good food and a great community.

Black Enterprise Magazine highlighted Ithaca as one of the best American cities for retirees, citing its high quality of life, affordable housing, good schools and affordable health care. The largest city excluded from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in New York State is voting solidly Republican and has elected a socialist mayor. It has its own currency, the IThaca dollar, where a dollar is designed to be a fair wage for every hour of work.

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