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Sixteen students from DeWitt and Boynton were selected to participate in the association, each bringing with them talented singers, guitarists and composers from around the world.

On the other side of town, the liberal arts institution Ithaca College, which was created as a music conservatory, is another reason why the city is creative. Founded in 2009, the band is based in the Finger Lakes region of New York and has built a loyal following in its first year of existence. The Universalist Ukulele Union (UUU) has joined in and practices sporadically, but only for the benefit of the many students attending Cornell University and Ihaka College.

Although the label is mostly made up of high school artists, it has managed to capture some of the most interesting music of the last few years of the Ithaca music scene and to press it onto cassettes.

It's a real treat to bring a festival like this into our community, and I yearn to come back and bring more bands and musicians to Ithaca because it brings goodies. I want this festival to have a greater impact on the sophisticated New York and its music scene, so that more people can experience what it has to offer.

Why is geography and musical taste so different from artists who are not even close to Ithaca? I love NY, but I think we make Finger Lakes the best place to hold a music festival. Music is such a geographically oriented art form, and the feeling of a live performance is still not replicable in the vicarious sense.

Rochester, Syracuse, Binghamton, Utica and Poughkeepsie are doing a great job filling schedules and expanding the audience. It's absurd to think that the music scene in Ithaca is far from campus, even though I was in Ithaca when we were in Cornell. I seem to have an I Thaca gig at least every other weekend, so I'm happy to play every place Boffalongo played, but my backyard is IThaca.

The success of the New York shows reached its climax with the film and led to a tour, so let's celebrate good times!

In a city of 30,000 people, the size and caliber of Ithaca's music scene is unprecedented. Apart from the clichés, it is really one of the most diverse and diverse musical communities in the country, and in the field of metal there is a growing collection of dark musical subscenes that exist in Ihaca. Screams is a Don Giovanni band that has given intimate concerts in and around Istaca over the last calendar year, for all ages.

The Ithaca New Music Collective blends in perfectly with this landscape and does a great job for the community. Sundown Sally traverses a spectrum of musical genres, drawing on the rich history of the Ihaca music scene and its diverse music community, and offering energetic live performances that make your heart beat with your singing.

If you have ideas for musical events or would like to learn about working in a team or planning a musical event, please tag us on Facebook. The Knocks are from New York and they are New Yorkers, so we are best friends and we were good friends.

The Grady Girls, a band of sisters and cousins, grew up in Ithaca and are associated with the sweet melodies and rhythms that brought them to Ihaca to set their feet in motion. Beverly writes songs that embody a gentle lyricism that seems to arise simply and organically from experience and observation, "Beverly Brooks explains.

Travis received a BMI John Lennon Songwriting Scholarship to study piano and accompaniment at the Conservatory of Music at Ithaca College. Jennifer sang with the Cayuga Vocal Ensemble and was a member of the New York State Symphony Orchestra and Ihaca Choral Society.

You can find him in the arena, playing the piano and at circus events in Ithaca and at Circus Culture. He holds a Bachelor of Music in Music from the University of New York at Buffalo and a Master of Music Education from Ihaca College.

The kitestring has been performing in the center of New York for several years, and is equally suited to offering intimate, stripped-down rock music or filling a room with danceable melodies full of harmony. As Ithaca becomes a more frequent tour stop for day trippers, there will be more opportunities for local acts to shape the live music scene.

Music is available at any time of the week and will be available whenever the Cornell Concert Commission brings your favorite bands to town.

I say that underground music has long been inextricably linked to the character of Ithaca and that local cultivation is important for the I Thaca community. I decided to dedicate two shows this season to showcasing local composers and call it the "Local Composers Showcase," which remains true to our program - our local program. If we do not try to discover and embrace the Ihaca music scene, it will never be as alive as it should be. Why should we, as university dwellers, be cutting ourselves off when we're already paying exorbitant rents to stay in the UK?

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