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With an abundance of parks, hiking trails and waterfalls, this New York State city is the perfect getaway or weekend getaway. There are many things to do in Ithaca, NY City and surrounding areas, so I consider it one of the best places to stay in Finger Lakes when exploring the region. If you plan to visit Finger Lakes, you should definitely plan a day to visit Ihaca. It is the perfect place to relax while looking out over the lake, with its beautiful views of Lake Champlain, Lake Ontario, the Hudson River and Niagara Falls.

Take the Cascadilla Gorge Trail, which takes you from Cornell to Ithaca, and then take a short hike to Lake Champlain, Lake Ontario, the Hudson River and Niagara Falls. If you're looking for a scenic view of Finger Lakes, head to Seneca Lake and explore the Watkins Lake State Park estate with its beautiful views of Erie Lake and the Niagara River.

One of the best options in Ithaca is to visit the Cascadilla Gorge Trail, which leads from Cornell Campus to downtown Ihaca. In the small town of Trumansburg, there is a great stop-and-go hideout in Taughannock Falls State Park and the surrounding area around Cayuga Lake. One of my favorite places to hike in and around ITHaca and one of its great stops is the Buttermilk State Park. 20-minute drive from downtown Ithacaca to TrUMANSburg to explore Taugannocks Falls State Park with views of Lake Ontario, the Hudson River and Niagara Falls.

The city of 30,000 people is enclosed on the shores of Lake Ontario, the largest freshwater lake in the state of New York. Enjoy the lake and views of the Hudson River and Niagara Falls from the top of Taugannocks Falls State Park.

No visit to Ithaca is complete without seeing the surrounding state parks, and you won't miss these beautiful places if you hike in one of the nearby state parks or stroll through downtown Ithaca. Ithsaca is also home to Cornell University and Ihaca College, so make sure nature lovers keep coming back.

Explore the streets of the Ithaca Commons and do things like hiking, cycling, cycling or even cycling to and from the Commons. If you come from outside Ithsara, we have some good things to do here if you end up in the Commons. Check out our list of activities you can do on the road to get more information about the best places to go on foot, by bike or by bike in IThaca.

One of our favorite things to do in Ithaca in the Finger Lakes region is to stop by the market and explore the wine routes and activities of Lake Seneca. One of the most unique activities you can do on the west side of Cayuga Lake, where IThaca, NY is located, is to visit the Cayuga Nature Center, which offers trails that lead through local terrain, canyons and streams. The public is welcome to visit trees and shrubs in the state of New York that specialize in various types of plants, such as pines, oaks, birches, pines, cedars and more.

Strolling around the campus, you can visit the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, which houses the largest art collection in New York State and one of the most prestigious art museums in the United States.

A visit to Buttermilk Falls State Park is not to be surpassed in attractiveness, which makes Ithaca such a popular destination. And if you're staying longer, bookmaker Laurel Guy is looking for activities in ITHACA, N.Y. on Cayuga Lake. Learn more about I Thaca New York things - to - do - in - Ihaca and other places in the state in their new book "Ithacaca NY Things to Do.

If you don't have your share of Ithaca waterfalls, make sure you visit the Buttermilk Falls State Park, the largest waterfall in upstate New York. The waterfalls are located near downtown Ihaca and you can drive to one of the many nearby state parks to walk around the popular I thaca gorge and waterfalls. Another great thing to do in and around ITHaca on Cayuga Lake is to explore the Cayuga Waterfront Trail on foot or on foot.

Still, it is right in the center of Ithaca, and the garden is a great way to spend a relaxing day in the great outdoors in one of the most beautiful parks in New York.

Triphammer Falls is located right on the campus of Cornell University, and while on campus, you can visit some notable places, including the Cornell Botanic Gardens, which includes various gardens of flora and fauna from throughout the state of New York.

Located in downtown Ithaca, this brewery has some of the best beers in the state of New York as well as some great dining options. Every year there are various festivals and events that take place in the Ithsaca Commons in downtown Ihaca and are also worth visiting. A must in IThaca is to stop by the legendary Istaca Bakery and serve delicious pastries such as pancakes, waffles, biscuits and more. The bakery, which has been repeatedly described as "the best in Thaca," is at the top of my list of places to go if you want a good breakfast.

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